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Breast tattoos are in trend and if you are still on the look-out for the best Nautical and shooting star tattoos for men and women for on the wrist, chest, face.

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Sep 25, - You can also get breast tattoo designs for men in remembrance of someone who stayed close to your heart. 5. Stars Tattoo Under Breast. breast tattoos, breast tattoo, breast tattoos designs, breast, hot, sexy, for, Flower breast tattoos and breast star tattoos both are very admirable and can be inked.

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Sep 27, - Getting quotations related to breast cancer or any other attractive quotes tattooed on your breast is a nice idea as well. [ Read: Star Tattoo. Aug 12, - A Gorgeous Example of Big Boobs Tattoos. Such an A Fascinating Bird Tattoo Under the Breast The Star Sign Tattoos Under the Breast.

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Moreover, carrying a under breast necklace tattoo design is more attractive. This is a lovely art for females as rose is as delicate as females. They along with a. Jun 16, - The modern nipple tattoo was first used in breast reconstruction, now on the theme of the tattoos the following are some of the famous ones.

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Mar 1, - Between or around the breast is best. 39 Of The Coolest Ideas For Between-The-Boobs Tattoos We've Ever Seen. Between or around the. Aug 16, - Star Design With Piercing. 30 Chest We had above the breast tattoos, but a chest tattoo includes under the breast area as well. I said at the.

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Feb 20, - A comprehensive list of star tattoo ideas, star tattoo placement, and the the heart, a chest or breast tattoo could symbolize love and affection. Several famous actors, musicians, and athletes have tattoos on their chests. has a small tattoo that combines a music note with her initials on her left breast.